How to learn your math lessons well is a that offers a wide range of free and downloadable PDF documents devoted to mathematics. The site offers course sheets, exercises, answers, annals and mathematics books for students at all levels, from primary school to high school in France.The site is organized to make it easy to find specific content. Users can select their grade level and topic of interest to access a list of relevant PDF documents. Topics covered include arithmetic, algebra, geometry, functions, statistics, probability, among others.The site is completely free and accessible to all users, without prior registration. The materials are presented in a clear and easy-to-understand manner, with detailed explanations and illustrative examples.It should be noted that some materials may be subject to copyright, so it is important to check that their use is permitted before downloading and using them for your studies.

Cours de maths à télécharger en PDF

For the algorithm and programming part, numerous applications are at your disposal (online mental arithmetic, quizzes and qcm). These different programs to be used online were created with the Scratch software.Many corrected exercises to export to PDF format and then print for free.Materials to practice online and progress at your own pace throughout the school year.A server of math exercises for middle school students and teachers .This free service allows users to create their own exercise sheet by selecting the content they wish to integrate into the generated PDF sheet.Each exercise for the sixth, fifth, fourth and third levels werewritten by a team of 8 national education teachers and the diverse content complies with the programs in force at the college.All the complete lessons as in class with your teacher or in your school textbook.

Middle and high school courses

These courses comply with the official programs in force in middle school (6th, 5th, 4th and 3rd) and in high school (2nd, 1st and final year). They are in PDF format to facilitate downloading and printing of these free documents.Whether you are a primary, middle or high school student, we have content adapted to your level. Our online courses, exercises and tutorials will allow you to understand the basic concepts and progress quickly.Our experienced teachers are there to answer your questions and support you in your learning. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or for assistance on a particular topic.The objective in providing these different supports is to allow students to develop skills or consolidate some and thenevelop others.You will also find extracts from subjects from the maths-pdf certificate in order to prepare for the test in the best conditions.

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